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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure - FACTory Opportunity™: Simplifying Data for Success

Data-Driven Performance Analytics for Fluid Filling Operations

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Spot Problems Before Production Is Lost

Level 1 - The FACTory Information Terminal™

FACTory Info Terminal™

The FACTory Information Terminal™ is a universal data collection device that seamlessly integrates with any manufacturing machinery, regardless of their brand, PLC or type. The key features of this innovative solution include:

  • Flexible:  Eliminates the need for any complex PLC programming, ideal for varied plant equipment.

  • Robust:  IP67 design with a simple two-wire setup, compatible with photo eyes, PLC outputs, or mechanical relays. 

  • Downtime:  Efficiently tracks production count signals up to 50 units per second and identifies downtime events by analyzing gaps in production. At the onset of a downtime event, the system automatically records the time, assesses for automatic downtime codes, and if absent, prompts the operator to specify the cause.

  • Simple Cabling:  Transmits data live via integrated Power Over Ethernet to the Communications Server (discussed next slide).

  • Easy Installation:  Just four screws, a two-wire signal, and an Ethernet connection.

  • Streamlines production tracking, embodying a smart, adaptable solution for the modern manufacturing landscape.


2,383,409,911: In 2023, the FACTory Opportunity™ KPI System monitored 2,383,409,911 units of production. Catering to a range of operations from drum filling and pipe extrusion to high-speed wire drawing and bottle filling, the FACTory Opportunity™ System has proven to be an essential tool in aiding clients to enhance their bottom line.

10-40%:  By implementing FACTory Opportunity™ Systems along with comprehensive utilization programs, our clients typically experience significant operational enhancements. Reported improvements range from 10-40%, including an average OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) score increase of 10-30%, essential for attaining industry-leading performance. Downtime reduction by 15-40% has been a notable factor in streamlining production efficiency. Furthermore, production output often increases by 10-25% due to optimized equipment usage, and quality metrics see improvements of 5-15% due to decreased defects and rework. These statistics underscore the potential for considerable gains in productivity and profitability.

35 Years: Since our inception in 1989, with our first systems installed at Stanley Black & Decker and Sony Records, we have accumulated over three decades of specialized experience in KPI and Production Monitoring Systems. This extensive period of over 35 years has seen us perfect the art of delivering robust and effective solutions across a wide array of industries. Our seasoned expertise ensures that our systems are a vital asset in your quest to achieve and uphold world-class manufacturing standards. With a rich library of dashboards at our disposal and a dedication to tailored system design, we are uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs of our clients. Depend on our established history to boost the precision and productivity of your operations.

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Production KPI Reporting Systems

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